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Wrought Iron Metal Gates

Modern Wrought Iron Metal Gates

We’re skilled in the manufacture and installation of all types of wrought iron metal gates, whether you just want them secure and functional or to really enhance the appearance of your property. And if you’d like your metal gates to be automated, we can do that for you too.

Traditional Wrought Iron Metal Gates

Our traditional style wrought iron metal gates can pass for antique gates. They can also be as simple or decorative as you wish, and incorporate finials (sometimes called railheads) and other decorative elements, such as shaped bars, scrolls or medallions. We can, of course, also automate them for you.

Sports Ground Metal Gates

Schools, colleges and sports & leisure clubs are, as you’d expect, our main customers for sports ground gates. We carry out all types of metal repair for them too.

Go to our Schools & Colleges page to find out more.

Wrought Iron Metal Gate Repairs

We have extensive experience in the repair of all types of metal gates, and have carried out this work for some of the best known historic buildings in London.

If any parts of your wrought iron metal gates are beyond repair or missing, we can make and install replacements that will appear to be original. This will probably involve using the original metal bars, finials (sometimes called railheads) or other decorative features as a pattern, then casting up a replicas, which when welded in place and painted will blend in perfectly.

Wrought Iron Gate Surveys

We can carry out a visual inspection of your wrought iron metal gates and provide you with a written and photographic record of each gate’s make-up, closing mechanism and condition, invaluable for its maintenance and repair. Also, if there are problems with your gates’ movement, we can lift them to inspect the condition of the journal and bushes, and recommend the best course of action to return them to good working order.

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Metal Gates being fabricated in our workshop