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Entrance Gates

National Portrait Gallery, London WC2

We were called in because the right-hand gate leaf was stuck and leaning out of line. Having assessed the gate we thought the bottom journal was worn and, when we removed the gate, this proved to be correct. We also discovered the pin had worn away. Gallery personnel decided that as the journal on the other gate leaf was the same age, we should replace it too as a good preventative maintenance measure, so we removed it with the right-hand gate leaf.

At our workshop, we cut off the bottom section of the right-hand gate leaf where the pin was, fabricated a new section incorporating a bottom pin and welded it back onto the gate leaf. We also fabricated phosphorus bronze journals for each of the gate leaves. Everything was then re-assembled and checked at our workshop to ensure it worked correctly.

Returning to site, we dug out the bottom journals and concreted the new ones in place and left the concrete to cure. The following day, we took both gate leaves back to site, re-hanged them and left them in good working order.

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