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Staircase & Fire Escape Repairs

We’re used to repairing stairs and fire escapes with varying stages of damage, from those that just need the odd stair tread replaced to ones that are completely beyond repair and have to be replaced. So, if your staircase or fire escape needs some TLC, just fill in our Quick Enquiry form outlining the damage and send it to us with some photos. We’ll then let you know the best course of action.

Staircase and Fire Escape SURVEYS AND REPORTS

If extensive repairs are likely to be needed, we will recommend a detailed survey is undertaken to establish exactly what damage there is and how it should be rectified. As this is time consuming work for one of our experienced surveyors, there is a charge for this. But the cost is more than out-weighed by the benefits. Having a detailed report means all parties have a clear understanding of the work that needs to be done, when without it this could be a grey area.

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