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Balcony Repairs Grade II Listed House

Maida Vale, London W9

Balcony Repair Grade II Listed House

A part of the stone corbelling on the roof of the Grade II Listed house fell onto the balcony breaking the balcony and railings. The builder repairing the balcony asked us to replace the balcony balustrade. We collected sections of a panel (as there was no complete one) secured it together, made up a pattern and cast up 26 new panels. We made a top handrail, welded the panels in groups of three to it and and tack welded the bottom of the panels to a temporary support rail at the bottom of for transportation. Once pockets are formed in the new balcony, we will transport the balustrade sections to site, remove the temporary support rail and secure the base of balustrade to the floor of the balcony and weld the handrail sections together.