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Plaques and Signs

Whatever type of metal plaque or sign you want, we can make it for you.

Brass Signs

Brass name signs with engraved letters are a fairly frequent commission. To keep the signs looking good, they should be cleaned every couple of months with a soft cloth dipped in warm water which has a drop of washing up liquid in it, wiped with a clean damp cloth, then buffed with a dry one. For more information about cleaning brass, please click here.

Steel Signs

The first sign was made from brushed stainless steel with engraved letters painted black, the second from mild steel with laser cut mild steel letters fixed to it and sprayed gold, and the third sign from painted mild steel with adhesive lettering attached to a curved painted black frame.

Aluminium Signs

These brushed aluminium signs were all parts of sets made for a school.

Toilet signs

These are a set of signs we produced for a top London art gallery. Cast in mild steel from fibre glass moulds, the signs were plated to give them an attractive bronze appearance.

Commemorative Plaques

The first embossed steel sign was made to mark the occasion when the Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Burmese pro-Democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi planted a tree at Clarence House, the second was a memorial to a friends of a client and the third was made for the Metropolitan Gardens Association to mark the rare ornamental mulberry tree the Association gave to the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh for their golden wedding.

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